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Friday, August 8, 2014

71st Anniversary of Quit India Movement (WIS, Udaipur)

On the 71st Anniversary of Quit India Movement, the students of Grade 6 to 8 participated in a rally organised in the School premises. The students put in their best efforts to depict the movement as it took place in 1942. They took out a rally and the School echoed with the slogans like ‘Do or die’, ‘August Kranti’, Bring back Humanity’, ‘Simon go back’, and ‘Indians can save Indians’, with banners in their hand. The attire of the students brought life into the characters portrayed by them. The students of other classes also witnessed the rally and few enthusiastic amongst those participated by shouting the slogans. To pay homage to the Country, students lit candles along the outline of India’s map and decorated it with flowers. The students through slogans and banners also highlighted the current major problems faced by the Country and provoked the students to take a concrete step to quit them.



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