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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Frenchinéma – France in Focus

Frenchinéma – France in Focus

Witty International School, PawanBaug has always believed to develop holistic education through hands-on-learning and exposure to the real world. Thus, to build on to their vision, Secondary Section of PawanBaug launched Frenchinéma - the French film festival to commemorate the beginning of French National Day celebrations.

In Sparkle auditorium, ‘Deux Frères’was screened for the students of Grade VIII and IX while ‘L’aventure de l’abeille’ was screened for the students of Grade VI and VII. With these movies, the school aimed to improve pronunciation, gain exposure to the French culture while also thoroughly entertain the students with a diverse range of cinema.The French Educator, Ms ShimaChanana opines, “Although learning from books and conversing out aloud is a great way to learn a language but if you really want to excel then engagement is the key. Thus, not only can French cinema help you to improve your phrases and conversation, but it can also introduce you to another world of intrigue and drama.”

The ambiance inside the auditorium was truly electrifying and the students were very excited. The Sparkle Bistro was stocked up with delicious snacking options that the students gorged on during the interval. The screenings were planned to expose the students to a global movie experience, by showing them French movies, thus making them World Citizens.

The Principal Mr. Bijo Kurian rightly quoted, “The world is a melting pot of cultural diversity today. This makes foreign languages a key to growth and understanding this globally diverse domain. Imparting learning of different languages, both native and foreign, raises our students to have a better understanding of varied cultures and customs. Our students and teachers are actively involved in the French National Day celebrations where they display an appreciation of the multi-cultural world. We, at Witty International School, highlight French culture by introducing French cinema, because we believe that films have the potential to inspire and educate students in a holistic way.”



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