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Monday, July 9, 2018

Vanmahotsav & Tree Plantation Day celebrated by Primary section at Witty Kids, Chikoowadi (2018-19)

‘Trees are the kindest things we grow’. Trees fulfill all our basic needs, but their depletion has become a serious problem. Vanmohatsav, the annual tree plantation festival is celebrated to create awareness on the importance of trees to humans and the need to plant more trees. Students of Witty Kids Chikoowadi celebrated Vanmahotsav by participating in various activities conducted in the school. It was celebrated over three days (5th July 2018 – 7th July 2018).

On day one, students made badges and wrote slogans such as ‘Save Trees’, ‘Grow More Trees’ , ‘Hug a Tree and Survive’. They were very happy to wear the badges on their shirts.

Poster making activity was conducted on day two. Students of grade I & II used palm cutouts as tree leaves and students of grade III, IV & V worked in teams to create posters promoting forest conservation and planting trees. This activity helped students understand the importance of trees. All groups illustrated creative ideas on saving nature.

Day three was to put thoughts into reality where students of grade III – V enthusiastically participated in the sapling plantation drive. The activity made the saying true ‘He who plants a seed, plants a hope.’

The program evoked feelings of love towards the beautiful creation of God and it is each ones responsibility to grow and protect trees.



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