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Saturday, November 30, 2019

English Speech Competition held for Grades III to IX at WIS,Atun Road,Bhilwara

Speech is power:
Speech is
to persuade,
to convert,
to compel.
To develop skills in research, critical thinking, organization, persuasion and communication Witty International School Atun Road, Bhilwara furnished a Speech competition on 27 November, 2019 for Grade III to VI students and on November 29,2019 for Grade VII to IX students.  Witty always works on the communication, diction and general speaking skills of the children decided to provide a platform to the budding orators of our school by giving them chance to come on stage and express their views.
The first phase of the competition witnessed a preliminary round in which each and every student participated and expressed their views in their classes. Students were selected on amongst them for the final round of Interview. The final round of speech was divided in two groups- Grade 3 to 6 and Grade 7 to 9. It was heartwarming to see almost all the candidates eloquently expressing their views on topics “.Is it necessary to buy everything we want?”  and “Being a responsible citizen is not difficult it only needs little commitment”. Many first timers also did good justification to the topic. The objective of this activity was to make the children more expressive, confident and spontaneous in their way of speaking.
The programme culminated with speech by principal of the school Mrs. Abha Mittal advising the students on being responsible citizen.



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